Tuesday, September 18, 2012

animal drawings

If you don't know me, I'm obsessed with cats, up to a degree that I think cat should rule the society. If you have a cat and I know you well I will come to your house EVERY SINGLE DAY. Things with furs generally falls in my favor, so I draw them frequently. Color pencils are great for animal drawings by the way, I used pastel paper with white charcoal, sometimes I use acrylic for the highlight too, they work well together.

this one was done years ago, in high school, you can tell the different line quality from the other too. I used cheap pencil and I hated it. I'm using prismacolor now, it works much better. Good artists should be equipped with good quality tools, keep that in mind

hand animation

Animation class 220, below are the clips I did for the hands, I animated more, but...I don't really like the other ones I did. So this animation is about 4 minutes long, called Pinky Promises (obviously) directed by Emily Crosby with the help of Mary Katherine Short (MK), the story is about...why don't you go see it yourselves? PS: I will remember the nights I spent at the labs. I love those tablets, and the sunrises too. 

pinky promise
end clip, basically reuse the opening clip

hands, just hands

I had nightmare with hands...I probably draw more hands than you could ever see in life...

custom model

I always enjoy the long poses, it's a bit odd for animators, but I think that only has something to do with my personality...ignore the proportion problems, I used to draw from head to toe without sketching the gesture (shouldn't do that ever again)

some figures on my sketch book

 of course I did a bunch more...but too lazy to photograph all of them, so I choose a couple that look the best

figure workshop

     Drawn during the summer in the clubs. Should really check out the clubs if you live in Philly, you can't always find good places to draw, and your skills don't just leap for no reason. Practice, always practice, practice until you vomit blood. The clubs were hidden between 12 and 13 street, little hard to find but at least it's on the map. Students cost 6 dollars with an ID, 8 for members and 10 for the others. Open seven days a week, there's at least one session that fits your schedule. Here is the link:

     So I did these without outlining, just pure render, it looks like they float out of paper, which made me really happy. Maybe I should try that again when I have time...I miss hatching


sketch of my friend Jessica, I did a couple of them for homework, but I like this one the best because it actually catches the expression. Thanks for modeling for me so I don't have to hide in the corners to draw the people passing by, i'll remember that forever

it was from a photo, and he is a guy

glad my hatching has improved now he's missing so much anatomy, another reason why you should draw real person


I was really bad at drawing faces, seriously, I think that's because I always put so much effort into them that I lost the other important elements. At least I rendered them pretty nicely...

cross hatching practice

     This is a drawing from my drawing 1 class during my time in LMU, taught by Professor Marina Moevs. I had no idea who made that statue nor do I know the name of the work, I'm pretty sure it's quite famous. I made this drawing with pencil, cross hatching. If you look at my work today you will realize I didn't draw like I used to. This piece get me second place at the drawing circus, I always get the second place either class rank or anything. I'm cursed with that number 2...Yah I had a hell lot of struggle in that class, that's when I started to hate charcoal, if anybody ask me if I like charcoal and I smiled and said it's my favorite medium you should know I mean the opposite. I learned most of my techniques there. Yes, the class was hard, but you have to admit it when you survived you had improved more than expected.


2D design stuff

Series of photos

     I took a photography class at LMU before, fun class, loads of work, recommended for everyone to take. If need a film camera, I have one, a bit scratched but it's pretty new in good conditions. Getting back to the topic...I took some photos, I'm not a photographer so don't criticize on me...

this is a doll made out of clay, it's name is TUZKI, based off 王卯卯's design

so here he is thinking about life...with a bunch of bottles I collected over the semester, yeah I know I need to clean my desk

yes that's my drawing, yes that's a wacom pen

I made a second doll, they look exactly the same, just different colors. on the background that's my eye cover, don't get scared, I don't wear it often...

so they are getting all romantic at the moment, I was thinking of Romeo and Juliet when I took this photo

yeah, fast, they got engaged just that quickly...

I ran out of ideas to shoot, so the manikin pops out from on where...

hello, and goodbye, it was that quick...

Monday, September 17, 2012

the cloth

     It's one of my favorite drawings during my art class in high school. Took me about a week to finish because I only get to spend a couple hours each day, I feel bad for the cloth for hanging there so long, it must be tired...it's quite large, drawn with charcoal and white chalk, provided by my art teacher Mr.McQuilling. He's gone to another school now but I will remember you FOREVER. So I used it in my portfolio getting into college, that includes LMU and RCAD. This piece is no longer with me, I somehow got rewarded with a scholarship by the philadelphia department of art, I thought I was going to get it back but unfortunately...no. So it was there in the city hall somewhere, I never get to see it again ever since. Any of you knows where it is please let me know, I would like to visit it again.