Tuesday, September 18, 2012

cross hatching practice

     This is a drawing from my drawing 1 class during my time in LMU, taught by Professor Marina Moevs. I had no idea who made that statue nor do I know the name of the work, I'm pretty sure it's quite famous. I made this drawing with pencil, cross hatching. If you look at my work today you will realize I didn't draw like I used to. This piece get me second place at the drawing circus, I always get the second place either class rank or anything. I'm cursed with that number 2...Yah I had a hell lot of struggle in that class, that's when I started to hate charcoal, if anybody ask me if I like charcoal and I smiled and said it's my favorite medium you should know I mean the opposite. I learned most of my techniques there. Yes, the class was hard, but you have to admit it when you survived you had improved more than expected.


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